Welcome to our website!

We decided to start this website to showcase our different business ventures as well as document our lives. 

A little about us...

Our name's are Kayla and Mark and the two little studs you see in these pictures are Brooks & Kylo our sons.

We run an online coffee shop called "Captain Coffee". The online shop is OPEN and coffee is ready to be purchased! We are very excited about the quality of coffee beans we are selling. We are obsessed with these coffee beans and we know anyone that gives them a try will be too! May the brew be with you.!

We also are involved in the traveling world. The company is named "Captain Travel". I (Mark) am a travel agent and am PASSIONATE about travel. Traveling on a cruise, to Disney, Universal or any other destination your heart desires can be stressful, so its my job to take stress away! I'm with you until the end of the line!

Thank you guys for loving us and following us. We promise to give you guys 1 consistent trait: AN EXPERIECNCE. From the website, the coffee or the traveling agency we want you you guys to have a magical experience with us!


Much love,

Kayla and Mark 

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